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Annual Result (Boys)

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  1. Arabic 1st A
  2. Arabic 1st B
  3. Arabic 1st C
  4. Arabic 1st D
  5. Arabic 2nd A
  6. Arabic 2nd B
  7. Arabic 2nd C
  8. Arabic 3rd A
  9. Arabic 3rd B
  10. Arabic 4th A
  11. Arabic 4th B
  12. Arabic 5th
  13. Fadheelah 1st
  14. Fadheelah 2nd
  15. Class 1st A
  16. Class 1st B
  17. Class 1st C
  18. Class 2nd A
  19. Class 2nd B
  20. Class 2nd C
  21. Class 3rd A
  22. Class 3rd B
  23. Class 3rd C
  24. Class 4th A
  25. Class 4th B
  26. Class 4th C
  27. Class 4th D
  28. Class 5th A
  29. Class 5th B
  30. Class 5th C
  31. Class 6th A
  32. Class 6th B
  33. Class 6th C
  34. Class 7th A
  35. Class 7th B
  36. Class 8th A
  37. Class 8th B
  38. Class Hifz 6th
  39. Class Hifz 7th
  40. Class Hifz 8th Pass & Adadiya
  41. Class Hifz 8th
  42. Classe (L.K.G) Atfal A

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